Interview Series - Follow-up #6

The most important guidance we can give you about interviews is to show enthusiasm. Be energetic! Many hiring managers (including us) will say that we'll take 90% less experience for 10% more attitude. Why? Because we can teach skills, but 'attitude' - enthusiasm and energy - is hard to teach. Attitude can be changed, but it's hard and time-consuming.  Whereas with some enthusiasm, skills are pretty quick to improve. We promise you, the average interviewee could TRIPLE their enthusiasm interviewing, and not be going overboard.

Interview Series - Follow-up #4

People rarely think far enough ahead when preparing for interviews. Practicing the answers you'll need to have ready is almost the least of it. Practice leading to incremental improvement is really the only thing that works, for most of our professional endeavors.

Do you have a folder you can keep all your documentation in, and somewhere safe to put it, away from children's hands? Have you got a suitable email address which is professional and can be used for professional correspondence?

TRE - Follow-up #1

Welcome to the Trinity Rollout Email Series. Rolling out the Trinity has made a difference to managers and their directs all over the world, and we're excited to support you in your rollout.

To start the emails, stop them, or begin again from the beginning, please visit Subscription Management Page. You can also start from one of the Trinity sub-parts.

RWB - Follow-up Week 10

Still wondering about whether a more 'modern' resume will help you more than a boring one page black and white resume? Maybe you've seen the guidance about video resumes and graphic resumes and you're thinking 'they look good'.

To be fair, yes, they look good. The problem with that guidance is that it's based on wrong thinking. Having a resume which looks good isn't the object. The object is to answer the hiring manager's question. Those questions are always the same:

What have you done? How well have you done it?


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