Learn how to do One on Ones, Feedback, and Delegation as well as how to roll them out in your organization. The training includes extensive Feedback and Delegation practice.

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The typical manager doesn’t have the basic tools to achieve results and maximize retention.


7.5 hours of highly interactive and energetic delivery and practice. Six months of post-training support is included because training is not just a one-time event.


One day from 8:00-3:30 at your location for up to 30 participants. We keep the group size small due to the highly interactive nature of the training.


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Ground Rules
8:15 Introductions
8:45 One On Ones
9:45 Break
9:55 One on Ones (continued)
10:20 Feedback Model
11:30 Break
11:40 Feedback Practice
12:30 Lunch & Rolling Out The Trinity
1:30 Delegation Model
2:10 Break
2:20 Delegation Practice
2:50 More Feedback Practice
3:20 Parking Lot
3:30 Close

To me, the main benefit as a manager of managers is that we’re all agreed on a common framework for managing people.  With that in place, the conversations become much more detailed and action-oriented. When my managers do [the Basics], the benefits are quadrupled.

John Brown, Cardlytics

Manager Tools training is relevant whether you're a new manager or a seasoned manager.  Manager Tools training makes sense, is practical and real-world tested.  Issues or concerns no longer have time to fester at our company because managers are hearing about them weekly during One on Ones.

Shawna Densmore, Federal Employee