Learn how to get results while retaining your employees by doing One on Ones (Know Your People), Feedback (Talk About Performance), and Delegation (Push Work Down) as well as how to Roll Out the models with RoadMap. The training includes extensive practice using the tools as well as roll out timelines and a RoadMap review.

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7.5 hours of highly interactive and energetic delivery and practice. We will answer all questions and finish on time.

Your Presenting Associate will host a call with you in front of the training to understand your current organization, managerial and behavioral practices and to learn about any special challenges. This allows us to tailor our delivery to make the learning more relevant for your group of attendees.


One day from 8:00-3:30 at your location for up to 30 participants, saving you travel expenses and the cost of travel time. We keep the group size small due to the highly interactive nature of the training.

Post Training Support

Each attendee will receive RoadMap through the MT mobile app or on their desktop. RoadMap is an interactive tool to support Trinity Roll Out and measure adoption of the learned behaviors.

Attendees also receive a 1-year subscription to the Manager Tools Personal License. This License includes access to the shownotes for all of the Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts, access to our Interview Creation Tool, Effective Feedback practice and so much more.

And organizations can monitor the health of their investment through measurement with our Enterprise Data portal, a video of which is shown below.


The typical manager doesn’t have the basic tools to achieve results and maximize retention. Many managers get promoted from within because they were the best in their respective workplace discipline. However, we know managerial behavior is far different than being an independent contributor. And the Trinity allows for a standard managerial process for organizations so that all employees have a minimum expectation for how much time will be dedicated to them as individuals.

The Enterprise Portal


8:00 Welcome & Purpose
8:05 Agenda & Ground Rules
8:15 Introductions
8:45 One On Ones
9:45 Break
9:55 One on Ones (Continued)
10:30 Feedback Model
11:30 Break
11:40 Feedback Practice
12:30 Lunch & Rolling Out The Trinity
1:30 Delegation Model
2:10 Break
2:20 Delegation Practice
2:50 More Feedback Practice
3:25 Parking Lot
3:30 Close

Huge thanks for your teams help over the years. I attended a session you personally delivered in Detroit quite a few years back as a manufacturing engineering supervisor with 3 directs. I'm now leading the entire operations team (1700+) at Thomas Bus for Daimler as their VP of Ops, couldn't have done it without the basics you guys provided.

Chris Russell

To me, the main benefit as a manager of managers is that we’re all agreed on a common framework for managing people.  With that in place, the conversations become much more detailed and action-oriented. When my managers do [the Basics], the benefits are quadrupled.

John Brown, Cardlytics

Manager Tools training is relevant whether you're a new manager or a seasoned manager.  Manager Tools training makes sense, is practical and real-world tested.  Issues or concerns no longer have time to fester at our company because managers are hearing about them weekly during One on Ones.

Shawna Densmore, Federal Employee