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Wall Street Journal reporter Dahlia Bazzaz interviewed Mark and Mike about what makes successful managers (getting to know your people), how to have difficult conversations (privately) and how to get step by step guidance for every management challenge (listen to the podcasts, for free). "I think some people believe we hide stuff, that we have secrets you only get when you hire us .... But everything we teach is in the podcasts. If someone wants to learn, all they have to do is listen.

"Since its 2005 launch, their weekly podcast, "Manager Tools" has attracted notable listeners, ... topped the business category of the People's Choice Podcast Awards several times, and last month it received 1.4 million downloads on iTunes. The show has expended into a fledged consulting firm with clientele that includes executives from Apple Inc., AT&T Inc. and Fedex Corp."

The Effective Manager

It's here - The Effective Manager . Our effective manager guidance in book form.

“I was very fortunate to come across Manager Tools over 10 yrs. ago and I've continued to listen ever since. I've also attended the in-person training and have purchased multiple products...each has delivered value far in excess of its price. It's rare to find such specific, actionable, and effective guidance...and I usually find opportunities to apply this guidance within days!” Graham Cochrane, Senior IT Manager, TD Bank Group
“Mark Horstman taught me a vital lesson about management: there's no voodoo. It's all about relationships, behavior and results. If you want the latest management trends and lingo, don't read this book. But if you want to learn how to act consistently and effectively, buy the book, read it, and immediately share it with your entire organization.” Michael J. Reitz, Executive Vice President, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
“Having been trained as a scientist, the manager tools as available via podcast and conference have always appealed to me for their rational construction and the analysis that accompanies their introduction. I am excited to have the basic tools available now in book form where they can also benefit people that are not listening to podcasts. When I am asked how I learned what I do, I will be referring people to this written version in the future!” Rob Hooft, Manager, ELIXIR Netherlands
“The Effective Manager is a must read for every leader. I’ve been following the Manager Tools guidance for almost four years and have experienced a measurable increase in job performance and promotion frequency. This book is a bargain at $10,000.” Robert Greiner, Manager, Pariveda Solutions
“Mark Horstman's The Effective Manager represents best practices. Managers and organizations can and should adopt them with confidence. Mark provides a clear blueprint on how better relationships will drive better results. I know from direct experience they adopt very well in academic and non-profit environments, and I only wish I had adopted these practices twenty-five years ago when I started in industry. I will keep several copies on hand to give to colleagues, similar to my practice with Peter Drucker's The Effective Executive.” The Rev. Raymond Bonwell, Director, Organizational Training & Development, The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (USA)
“I started listening to Manager Tools eight years ago when I was a direct in a team. After eight years I have been promoted into management, senior management, and finally into Directorship . This year I will become a Managing Director. The rapid advancement of my career is due to the implementation of the behaviors you will find in this book.” Stephen Robinson, Associate Director, WYG
“The methods I've learned from Manager Tools have been invaluable to my career as a professional manager. Their specific, actionable guidance has helped me to effectively lead teams of both technical and non-technical professionals, and I wouldn't be where I am today without them! The trinity, and especially one on ones, are the simplest and most effective management tools around.” Andrew J. Sikich, PE, CPESC, Illinois Civil Manager, Ruekert & Mielke, Inc.
“The Effective Manager is the most practical and effective guide to both new and experienced managers, which I have ever read. It explains not only what you need to do, but also how to do it, what to say, and when to do it. Using these tools have made me able to stand out with a persistent rating as a high performing manager with highly engaged team members, who continuously deliver strong results, learn new skills, and grow in their responsibilities.” Lars Axelsen, Senior Manager - Desktop & Projects, Danfoss A/S
“If you are a new manager, new supervisor, or merely someone who aspires to become a manager, you must read this book. The guidance that the Manager Tools team provides will enable you to quickly build trust, navigate tricky situations, and set you apart from your peers. I directly contribute my own success as a manager and the strong performance of my teams to the common sense approach to management that I have learned from Manager Tools.” Kevin J. Cryblskey - Regional Manager, Operations, Enterprise Products Company
“Mark is clear in what he recommends and his advice has a proven record of making managers, and their organisations, better. Drucker's advice is great for leaders. Horstman's tools are vital for managers.” Simon Collier, Solutions & Standards, Manager, University of Alberta

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We provide client-specific, on-site delivery for all three of our training offerings: Effective Manager, Effective Communicator, and Effective Interviewer. You can also license our materials to use and present internally.

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“Earlier this week I was honoured with a Premier's Award for Leadership in the Province of BC, out of a staff of over 30,000. I credit feedback, one on ones and coaching for much of my success, along with an unwavering focus on relationships and results.”

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