We provide client-specific, on-site delivery for all three of our training offerings; the Effective Manager, the Effective Communicator and the Effective Hiring Manager. We also provide licensing options affording clients alternative venues to access the Manager Tools training, tools and guidance for their workforce if on-site training is not your choice. Note: the Effective Manager Client on-site training affords all attendees MT Annual License Benefits as well as Enterprise measurement of the learned behaviors.

Effective Manager Training w/Enterprise Licensing and Measurement, Featuring RoadMap Capability and Full Annual Individual Licenses for each attendee

Your team will learn:

  • How to do One on Ones (Know Your People)
  • How to give Feedback (Talk About Performance)
  • How to Delegate (Push Work Down)
  • How to roll out the Trinity in the RoadMap App or Desktop version (Implementation Steps And Timelines)

Your team will get:

  • Comprehensive, on-going support for 1 year through the Enterprise Seat License, featuring the RoadMap program and functionality on our App or Desktop AND the MT Annual Individual License [a $6,000 benefit if you have 30 managers]. Benefits include:
    • RoadMap Access:
      • Our digital and interactive capability [on a smart device OR desktop], for rolling out the Trinity.
      • Practically teaches the Trinity with timely guidance and tracking managerial behavior through data.
      • Supports personal dashboards in individual user’s accounts to have viewing access of Direct’s and below.
    • Documentation to all of our weekly MT/CT podcasts [because reading is quicker than listening]:
      • Access to the documentation/shownotes of our Podcast weekly Library - all of our 1,200+ Manager Tools & Career Tools podcasts.
      • AND 104 new ones (one Manager tools and one Career Tools weekly) in the coming year.
      • Over 10,000 pages of printed guidance – access to EACH free podcast’s shownotes (bullet points and verbiage from the podcasts).
    • Interview Creation Tool Access:
      • In 30 minutes or less, you will score any job you're hiring for on 64 job-related skills, on a 1 to 5 scale on our web-based Tool. Seconds later, you will have a complete interview, ready to be printed – with the questions to ask AND how to analyze each answer.
    • Mark and Wendii's weekly unique reads:
      • Enabling thought provoking topics for all professionals to allow higher level thinking and behavioral change.
    • Physical binder at training as well as e-copy of the presentation for easy access and referral.

Your organization will get:

  • Measurement with the RoadMap Data for 1 year [with sustainable renewal options]. Organization wide Enterprise view of who is adopting the learned behaviors from the training
  • Administrator portal for 24x7 view into the organization's progress
  • Manager Tools RoadMap Program Administrator & Presenter support - clients have priority with Manager Tools

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Employees are getting more regular and more effective feedback, managers are feeling more comfortable acting as managers, we have less authoritarian type managers, and delegation really works. Our annual survey shows morale is improved, and we know that impacts retention.

Dirk van de Bunt, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Guthy-Renker

$17,500 USD for up to 30 people (international rates available)

Effective Communicator Training

Your team will learn:

  • How to Observe Behaviors and stop judging personalities
  • How to quickly Analyze Behaviors to learn about the other person
  • How to Tailor Your Behaviors to improve communications and build better relationships
  • How to apply these tools to email
  • Each attendee will receive a DISC Behavioral Assessment, a $2,000 value included in the training fee

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Very useful training. I feel that I can start using what I learned tomorrow. I’ll be recommending other managers in my company take both the EMC and ECC trainings.

Brian Cochran, Conference Attendee

$15K USD for up to 30 people (international rates available)

Effective Interviewer Training

Your team will learn:

  • How to create effective questions and ask them
  • How to listen, probe and evaluate answers
  • How to structure interview days
  • How to capture interview results
  • How to decide who to hire
  • How to onboard with a 365 plan to ensure maximum effectiveness of the new hire in the first year
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I've been in HR for more than 15 years and within that time, I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars investing in management programs. I wish I had found your program earlier!

Chava Chase, HR Professional

$15K USD for up to 30 people (international rates available)

Licensing Options - If Client On-site Training Is Not An Option

Bulk Purchase of Manager Tools Individual Annual Licenses:

  • Are you an Individual Licensee who would like all of your Managers to have access to the same thing? We make bulk purchase options simple
  • Give all your managers in the organization the tools they need to deliver results and retain the right people: thousands of pages of guidance, access to RoadMap, the Interview Creation Tool, Mark's Things I Think I Think and more
  • $200 per Licensee per year

Bulk Purchase of Manager Tools Online Video Training:

  • We offer online video training course versions of our three standard full day trainings: Effective Manager, Effective Communicator & Effective Interviewer
  • The online video courses can be completed at one's pace. Modularized blocks of training for easy assimilation of guidance. Quizzes to determine understanding. Printed material relevant to the content
  • Perfect for when timing for training or budget precludes your organization from bringing us in or your team attending a public conference
  • $350 for a 2 year user license
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Invite Mark to address your company or industry with the science behind and the actions recommended in his book, “The Effective Manager" or his new release, "The Effective Hiring Manager".

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