MTDISC™ Profile

Learn your strengths and weaknesses in 20 minutes. How to handle your boss and your directs when they're different from you.

Simpler: Our old DISC had numbers that confused many. No more numbers. Just DISC explained and explored.

Smarter: Your strengths and weaknesses in detail, in language you can understand. No theories, no psychobabble, just behavioral details. Then we'll compare your behavior to every other major profile.

Cheaper: We cut the price to $30. Everybody should be able to afford it.

This DISC tool is the best I’ve used. The output is full of direct and practical guidance on how to behave given your own profile and each of the other profiles you may encounter in a boss or direct. Incredible product and service Manager Tools team. After 17 years you continue to exceed expectations and deliver on your mission! Thank you!

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