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Learn your strengths and weaknesses in 20 minutes. How to handle your boss and your directs when they're different from you.

Simpler: Our old DISC had numbers that confused many. No more numbers. Just DISC explained and explored.

Smarter: Your strengths and weaknesses in detail, in language you can understand. No theories, no psychobabble, just behavioral details. Then we'll compare your behavior to every other major profile.

Cheaper: We cut the price to $30. Everybody should be able to afford it.

I recently took the newest DiSC product from Manager Tools, mainly because I was curious about how my past results would compare to the new roll-out. I’ve taken the tests multiple times: · 2010 when MT first offered it; · 2015 when I changed employers and they wanted their providers model; · 2018 when I changed teams at the same employer, also their model; · 2018 with MT because my results at the employer were so out of whack with what I knew to be true for myself · 2022 with the new MT format My assessment didn’t change with the MT model – High D/C through and through, which I know to be true about myself. However, the model that my employer uses consistently pegs me as High C without any High D considerations and rings false when when I also apply the recommendations in their report out. Thanks for taking the time, and to get it right.

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