In-Person Cost: $3,000

Accelerate your executive development by learning from executives in the Manager Tools® community. This 2-day event is packed with networking events and engaging sessions where you’ll hear from top leaders in diverse industries including banking, software, aerospace, consulting, markets, finance, HR, etc. as they share their thoughts on leadership, managing and more. Build your skills and grow your network by getting access to the right topics and the right people.

Attendance Includes:

  • Membership to an instant messaging group for connecting with other attendees, speakers, and the MT team.
  • Meals throughout, including a meet-and-greet the day prior to the event and a dinner after the first day's sessions.
  • Videos of our speaker sessions for one year after the event.
Those wishing to purchase just the videos but not attend the event can do so when those recordings are made available as part of our Executive Outlook Video product.

Watch a Sample:

Matt Beckwith - Customer Experience: Not a Department, a Revolution

The M Conference gives you real guidance from real people who are in the muck just like you. You get the opportunity to ask questions and learn from leaders in other firms. It’s the ultimate safe space to ask questions and get some real, actionable answers.

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The M Conference was the most effective and rewarding two days of professional development I’ve experienced in my career. I was able to learn from leaders from all over the world, in industries and roles that I don’t interact enough with. The wisdom and encouragement shared by fellow managers and executives that follow the Manager Tools guidance was unparalleled. I left the M Conference even more energized and eager to continue to do great work, but with the added strength of seeing things through the eyes and ears of this incredible community. More than just presentations, the speakers gave attendees a view of their work and gave us the opportunity to learn how they have succeeded. This is absolutely one of the best investments someone can make in their career.

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