What's Included


What to do every step of the way. Plus all of the Trinity's Most Frequently Asked Questions (MFAQ's) are included within this series.


Send us an email with questions or concerns. We'll answer in 24 hours.


Our experience shows going slower is better. Our emails are spaced over a year to match your rollout. When it's time you'll get an email.


You don't need to buy this product if you have a Personal License or have been to an Effective Management Conference: it's included with those.

Like the organisation and presentation of information over time. Eg feedback. It allows me to apply theory in practice over time and reflect on the results, as I go, so not overwhelming all at once. Think I will restart the series once it finishes, as it reminds me and keeps me on the ball.

Allan Jackson

I've been doing the trinity for a couple of years before this email series became available, and still I found them very helpful. I have listened to the basics casts several times and the updated basics several times, and still I found these paced-out emails very helpful. The language is good, the length is good, the topics are good.

Eric Durbin