What Is It?

The entire process of interviewing from preparation to follow up. 60+ podcasts, 20+videos and a written library - everything you need in incredible detail. What to do, how to do it, what to say and how to say it, what to write and how to write it. Plus the shownotes to any guidance we've given on interviews in Manager Tools® or Career Tools®.

What's Included


Your resumes. Your cover letters. How to study your background. What to wear. Common mistakes. The logistics. Parts of an interview.

Big Questions

Tell me about yourself. Behavioral questions and examples of behavioral answers. How to ask questions. Examples, details, specific.

Small Questions

How to introduce yourself. How to handle chit-chat. How to close. Handling offers. Discussing salary. Following up. Phone Interviews.

What's Covered in the Interviewing Series?

You guys wouldn't believe it; I did what you said and it worked! Closed the hiring manager at the end of an onsite interview and got the offer last night. Feels great. I was searching 3.5 months in school and 1.5 months out of school. My interviewing came loooong way in the process and I'm glad I screwed a couple up so I researched hard enough to come across these casts.

Bob Katleux

The Guidance covers...

  • How To Prepare For Interviewing
  • How To Write A Cover Letter
  • How To Prepare Your Resume (Previously Released)
  • What To Wear During An Interview
  • The Five Parts of An Interview, Horstman's Laws of Interviewing, and The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made
  • How to Make a Good First Impression
  • How To Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself'
  • How To Answer Behavioral Interviewing Questions
  • Two Examples of Behavioral Interviewing Questions
  • How To Ask Questions In An Interview
  • How To Close
  • How To Handle An Offer
  • How To Handle Salary Discussions
  • How To Follow Up
  • How To Handle Phone Interviews