The whole of the Effective Manager Conference without leaving your desk.  Our most popular training when and where you want it.

What's Included


7 hours of video. Broken down into 71 small pieces, with accompanying text and quizzes to help you cement the learning. Play a sample now


The most successful part of our conferences is the practice. We've included the opportunity for you to practice every scenario in the video, just like you would at the conference.

Written Materials

You'll receive all the written materials that an in-person attendee does. Everything you need to get started, brief your team and be successful will be available immediately.

Start Now

Within 3 hours of starting the course, you'll know enough to take the first action: sending the O3 email. We tell you what to write, who to send it to and what to do when they respond. The entire course provides you with these kind of detailed actionable steps.