Enterprise Access supports an organization-wide effort to roll-out the Manager Tools Trinity. Enterprise Access can be purchased as a stand-alone product and is also granted as a benefit of our organizational Effective Manager Training.

All of the folks in your organization will be afforded RoadMap as a tool for Rolling Out the Trinity, and you will be able to monitor the health of their actions through our Enterprise Portal. In addition, each member of the group will receive the license benefits listed below to include our Interview Creation Tool, Effective Feedback Scenarios and the written archive of all of our guidance.

What's Included


This tool will help you learn, roll out and track your progress though the steps of the Manager Tools Trinity™. Everything you need to be a great manager is included in the app.

The Archive

All of the previous years shownotes. That's all of our actionable management advice. Thousands of pages on getting ahead, career growth, effective leadership, and more!


Email support from Mark, Wendii, Kate and Sarah within 48 hours. If you're facing the problem, we've answered the question before.

Effective Feedback

The ability to practice Feedback as well as 2 hour long segments, in audio and video of nine feedback scenarios. Examples of both effective and ineffective use of the feedback model.

Interview Creation Tool

Answer 64 questions in 30 minutes and print out a 10 page interview, tailored specifically for the job for which you're hiring.

First Job Fundamentals

13 podcasts covering your critical first steps in your career. Your university/college experience didn't teach you, we promise. Plus additional casts and common myths and misperceptions.

Resume Workbook

70 pages of detailed guidance for every aspect of your resume. Examples, unusual situations, and the ability to ask questions of us.

The Interviewing Series

Every detail of how to be interviewed and get offers. Resumes, attire, answer preparation, practice videos. Nearly 100 podcasts and shownotes (approximately 500 pages).

Enterprise Access Benefits Explained