The idea of feedback is easy to understand.  Actually doing it is another matter. 

In this two part, hour-long-total pair of videos and audio, Mark will talk you through the feedback model, and give you nine scenarios. For each scenario, he gives an example of both effective and ineffective use of the feedback model. At the end there's a chance for you to practice.

If you're unsure about giving feedback, this video is for you - whether you've been to one of our training sessions or not.

  • (Re)Learn the feedback model, so you can easily bring it to mind when you need to give feedback.
  • Hear bad examples of feedback so that you can judge your own efforts.
  • Hear good examples so that you have a target at which to aim.
  • Do 3 exercises yourself, send your video results to the Manager Tools team, so that you can get even better!

Feedback is the tool that most people worry about, but want to use often. With this course, you'll be a better manager, and your directs will appreciate you even more.


What's Included

The Video/Audio

One hour of video, split into two 30 minute parts, to make watching easier. 2 roughly 30 minute audio sessions.

Personal Feedback

Complete the exercises and send the videos to us. One of the Manager Tools team will reply letting you know how you did.

The Documents

An edited (easy to read) transcript of every word Mark says so that you can take great notes.