RWB - Follow-up Week 12

Hopefully by now you have a resume you can be proud of and which, more importantly, gets you interviews.

What's the most important thing to remember about interviews? That the interview is about answering the hiring manager's needs, not telling him what you want to tell him.

Our favorite example of this is questions about GPA. The hiring manager asks: 'What was your GPA?' and the candidate says 'well...'. That's not the answer to the question. The answer is a number. It has to be!

RWB - Follow-up Week 11

Curious about how your resume fits in with LinkedIn? We recommend you use LinkedIn as a method of building and maintaining your network. But your resume is not LinkedIn and LinkedIn is not your resume.

Your resume is geared to a specific hiring manager and vacancy. Your LinkedIn profile gives a more general overview of your skills.

RWB - Follow-up Week 9

We always say that it's better not to have gaps on your resume. It's better to show continual career progression and it's better to show a constant path rather than jumping around between careers.

What if that's not the case for you? First, don't worry. You can't change history, and you can't change your resume. What's done is done.

Second, find good explanations for the career hiccups. For example:

RWB - Follow-up Week 8

Just as you've finished a resume, you find out you need more than one! For every job you apply for and for every person in your network that you send your resume to, you need a different resume.

It doesn't need to be wildly different. It does need to appeal to the person you're sending it to based on their needs. For example, let's say you're a marketing analyst. You've got to the point in your career where you'd really like to concentrate on the marketing aspects of your job, so you're applying for marketing focused roles.

RWB - Follow-up Week 7

It is helpful to have someone else look at your resume. If you don't want to end up confused you need to give them specific parameters. Because there's no single way to create a resume, everyone has an opinion, including people who have no business having opinions.

That doesn't mean they can't be useful though. You just don't want them to comment on the format of the resume.

What you say is this:

RWB - Follow-up Week 6

The problem we have when we've been working hard on something is that we start to see not what's actually there, but what we intended to write.

There's a couple of ways to ferret out those mistakes you can't see. First, read your resume out loud. You'll be amazed what your tongue finds that your eyes didn't.

RWB - Follow-up Week 5

You've created your Career Management Document!

Once a quarter work to keep this document up to date. It's much easier than having to keep starting over. Now what? We need to turn that Career Management document into a resume. That's what the Resume Workbook is for. Hopefully, you've found out that it contains lots of specifics about how to deal with the different elements of your resume.

If your document is still very long or overwhelming, either go job by job and have a break in between, or go section by section (admin data, responsibilities, accomplishments).

RWB - Follow-up Week 4

Now we're going to add your accomplishments to your resume. For every job you've had, what did you achieve? What things did you do which you were proud of? Did you complete any projects? Did you save any money? Did you save any time? Did you increase revenue? Did you meet targets your employer set?

If you're still stuck, here's another way to think of accomplishments: what was the minimum standard that if you didn't do it, you'd have got fired.

RWB - Follow-up Week 3

Remember the document we created last week,"Resume V1"? Let's get that out again, and this week, add all the responsibilities for your previous jobs. Don't worry about grammar, or what you should or shouldn't include, just write.

Once you begin to see the trajectory of your career as it looks on paper, you can start refining. First, you need all the information.

If you think of accomplishments as you go, add them, but don't stress. You can leave that to next week if it's too much.


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