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Interview Series - We Have More Guidance

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Once you've been successful in your interviews you'll have offers to deal with. How do you decline an offer? There's a cast for that.  (You'll need to buy a Personal License to access the Shownotes, but you can listen for free).

What if you're counter offered by your company? There's a cast for that too.

In fact there's a whole raft of casts which support your interviewing process.

Even when the economy is poor there are people leaving the workforce and counter-cyclical businesses doing better than they had when the economy was good. The right role is out there for you. With some work, you can have exactly what you want.

If you have any questions about the Interviewing Series specifically, or job search generally, come to the forums. The Career Tools team and all of our community will meet you there and answer your questions.

The Career Tools Team