RWB - Follow-up Week 2

Revamping your resume from scratch can be a big job. If you're already overwhelmed, take it slow. This week, open a computer document and list all the jobs you've ever had.

You'll need the company name and your title, and most importantly the dates. If you need to go find your paystubs or tax returns, do that now. Your resume needs to be accurate.

RWB - Follow-up Week 1

Thank you for purchasing the Career Tools Resume Workbook.

We designed the Resume Workbook to give you everything you need to create a great resume which will get you interviews. There's even more though, that we know about getting the new job of your dreams.

Over the next 12 weeks, we're going to send you more information that will help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

FJF - Follow-up Week 13

Would you help us? We'd love to know what you thought of the First Job Fundamentals product so that we can make it better in the future. (And, don't worry, because you have a lifetime license for it, you'll benefit from any changes we make too.)

FJF - Follow-up Week 12

We hope you're enjoying your new job (in case you're not, there's a cast for that).

Sometime soon, you'll get your first paycheck. For us, that first paycheck was a HUGE amount of money and especially if we were still living at home with our parents and had few expenses. Quickly after that though, came saving for homes and weddings and then children, and all of a sudden, that paycheck doesn't feel like much at all.

FJF - Follow-up Week 11

The most important relationship you have at work is the one you have with your boss. She can fire you. She can get you promoted, or not. She can give you interesting work, or not. She can make work great, or make it misery.

There's nothing to say that having a great relationship with your boss will mean you'll only get interesting work, or that you'll enjoy everything you do. But a great relationship with your boss will mean more good days than not.

FJF - Follow-up Week 10

One more thing you'll want to take notes on - your performance. When we talk to professionals who are ready to change their jobs, one of their regrets is not taking notes about their performance. If you don't know how well you did, specifically, with measurements, creating your resumes is MUCH harder. So help your future self out, and take notes on your performance each month.

Create a Career Management Document. It makes creating your resume, and tailoring it for each job you apply for, really easy.

FJF - Follow-up Week 9

The best opportunities don't just appear, even if you are one of the best performers in your team. You need to be developing and network and actively asking people what's going in in their team, what's new and exciting.

Many opportunities are cross-functional, meaning a team is set up with many people from lots of different teams to attack a particular problem or develop a new initiative. In order to find out about them, you have to have a wide network across your organization.

FJF - Follow-up Week 8

In our last email we recommended you work hard, and we meant it. Although saying 'go home' might seem to be contradictory, it isn't. Work hard during the day, when you’re supposed to be doing so, and go home on time.

Right now, you might be going home to sports activities, computer gaming, or just to read a book. One day, you'll be coming home to aging parents or a family, a spouse and children. The ability to get all that needs to be done between 8 & 5 and to go home with a clear conscience is an easy one to learn now. Your future self will thank you.

FJF - Follow-up Week 7

Half of the people that read the subject line of this email said duh'. The other half said, 'hey, as long as they're still paying me, I'm going to do the minimum'. Those of you who said 'duh' need read no further.

There's three good reasons for doing more than the minimum.

First: You'll be happier. Productive people are happier, and by doing more than the minimum you'll enjoy your job more. (Try it, and let us know how it goes).


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