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Interview Series - Be Enthusiastic!

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The most important guidance we can give you about interviews is to show enthusiasm. Be energetic! Many hiring managers (including us) will say that we'll take 90% less experience for 10% more attitude. Why? Because we can teach skills, but 'attitude' - enthusiasm and energy - is hard to teach. Attitude can be changed, but it's hard and time-consuming.  Whereas with some enthusiasm, skills are pretty quick to improve. We promise you, the average interviewee could TRIPLE their enthusiasm interviewing, and not be going overboard.

How do you demonstrate a good attitude? Smile broadly when you meet your interviewer. Smiling is a universal symbol of happiness. Smiling says 'I'm glad to meet you', 'I'm glad to be here'. If you're not the kind of person who smiles, smile more than you think is normal. You won't be grinning inanely, we promise.

Sit up. Speak clearly. Speak a little more quickly than you would normally. Raise your voice fractionally. Think about the opportunity you're being given to show yourself in your best light and take that opportunity!

We'll be back next week, with our final guidance on your job search and interviewing.

The Career Tools Team