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Your Resume Workbook - Go For Interest?

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Still wondering about whether a more 'modern' resume will help you more than a boring one page black and white resume? Maybe you've seen the guidance about video resumes and graphic resumes and you're thinking 'they look good'.

To be fair, yes, they look good. The problem with that guidance is that it's based on wrong thinking. Having a resume which looks good isn't the object. The object is to answer the hiring manager's question. Those questions are always the same:

What have you done? How well have you done it?

That's why we emphasize responsibilities and accomplishments on your resume - they specifically answer the hiring manager's questions.

We update our resume guidance every year, but our guidance about responsibilities and accomplishments never changes. That's because hiring managers' questions never change. You can find our yearly updates here.

We'll be back next week with more practical guidance. If you can't wait, you can find all the follow-up emails here.

The Career Tools Team