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Interview Series - Set Ambitious Goals

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You can set goals around your job search. You're not completely at the mercy of the hiring companies. Many people tell us they are putting everything into their search, and then we hear that they've only made one application in a week.

If you're content with a slow search for the right role and you're currently in a role you're happy to continue in till you find the right move, then one a week might be right. But if you're currently about to be unemployed or already unemployed, one a week just isn't enough. Set yourself a challenging target: ten a day. It'll force you to be more open minded about the roles and location you'll consider. You'll also get more data about your resume and its effectiveness more quickly.

That doesn't mean you should be applying for every role irrespective of its relevance to your skills. We have a guide which helps you decide whether or not to apply for a role.

One more piece of guidance here - while you're looking, rehearse. Practice your interview answers over and over again. Practice doesn't make you sound rehearsed, it stops you sounding stilted.

We'll be back next week with more practical guidance.

The Career Tools Team