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Interview Series - Preparation

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People rarely think far enough ahead when preparing for interviews. Practicing the answers you'll need to have ready is almost the least of it. Practice leading to incremental improvement is really the only thing that works, for most of our professional endeavors.

Do you have a folder you can keep all your documentation in, and somewhere safe to put it, away from children's hands? Have you got a suitable email address which is professional and can be used for professional correspondence?

Have you looked at your interview suit and seen if it still fits, is mended and pressed? Does it need dry cleaning, or hanging up for some fresh air? Do you have shoes which are capable of being shined and do they need new heels or soles? Do you have a portfolio to hold your papers?

Do you have some spare personal or vacation time you can use for interviews? Do you have spare funds for gas or plane flights if you need them to get interviews? Is there someone who can pick up or watch your children if your schedule changes because of your interviews?

Each of these things is a small matter, but it's small matters which can trip you up and make interviewing much more difficult than it need be.

The Career Tools Team