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Interview Series - Your Resume

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A great interview starts with a great resume. A resume's job is to get you an interview: that's why you don't give an interviewer an updated resume between being called to interview and the actual interview itself. The resume already did its job: it got you the interview.

What does a great resume look like? It tells the hiring manager what he wants to know: what you've done and how well you did it. Many resumes we see only have one part of that equation: what you've done. How well you did it is equally, if not more important. What results did you obtain for the company? How did you increase revenue or decrease cost? That's why hiring managers employ new staff: to improve the value of the company. Your resume needs to demonstrate your ability to do that.

We have several podcasts on resumes including updates for each year and for specific professions or stages in your career. If you'd like comprehensive guidance on creating an effective resume, you can get that here.

We'll be back next week with more practical guidance.

The Career Tools Team