Hello everyone,

I am having a second interview with a potential employer and have a question.

The interview is with the same two people (HR Manager and President) that the first interview was with. My question is, do I close again, even though I closed them the first time, and do I send a second thank you note?

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Close, close, close.

And they've given your their time a second time, I would still send a thank you note. It should be different from the first, referencing something from the most recent interaction.

And close, close, close.

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Julia said it best.


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Sorry but what is closing??

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Closing is saying the following at the end of the interview: "{Name of interviewer}, [b][color=darkblue][i]I really want an offer, and here's why[/i][/color][/b]..." And then give one or two SPECIFIC ways that your experience and abilities match up with the hiring company's needs. Say it enthusiastically. Say it with a smile. Say it with confidence. But above all, SAY IT!

and to BBundy - I echo what's been said already. Yes. And yes. And yes again.

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Hugh nailed it, and I'll add two things:

1. The Interview Series has a 'cast just on closing. How to approach it, when and how to deliver it, to whom it gets delivered, with examples. If you're looking for a new position, you need the series.

2. The term is similar to "closing a sale" but the goal and the mechanics are different. M&M talk about the differences, focusing on the notion that closing an interview is about expressing your specific interest and your specific motivation for a specific position.