This cast describes how to gradually implement Manager Tools' Management Trinity (One on Ones, Feedback, Coaching - and Delegation!).

We've been asked a thousand questions about what to do and when to do it when it comes to the Management Trinity, and we've finally gotten frustrated enough to do something about it.

We assumed that a lot of the ideas we're going to share here just made sense, and managers were taking the parts of the Trinity step by step, mastering each one, and adding new parts as they were able. And then we got an email complaining that putting ALL FOUR of the Trinity in place all at once was "JUST TOO HARD". And, that listener was right -- it was too hard -- and we weren't helping by not sharing our guidance.

We've shared these ideas with hundreds of corporate client managers -- and now it's time to share it with everyone. Step by step, here's how you do it.

If you ask us, if there WERE a Manager Tools Hall of Fame (HOF), this cast would be in it.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do first in the Management Trinity?
  • How long does going through the Management Trinity take?
  • Can I start the Management Trinity in the middle?

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