This cast describes the origins of the Management Trinity: why we preach it, and how it came to be.

The Management Trinity: One on Ones, Feedback, and Coaching, plus their silent fourth partner, Delegation, are at the heart of everything Manager Tools recommends. Often when we get asked questions about how to manage, we know immediately whether or not the asking manager is using our models for One on Ones, or Feedback, or Coaching.

Virtually every manager who has tried these "Manager Tools" says the same thing: "My God, these things really work! Where were you guys years ago, when I was just learning how to manage!" Every once in a while Mark laughs when he hears the line, "You're not going to believe it! These tools really work!" He always thinks, and sometimes says, "Why wouldn't I believe it?"

And, we get LOTS of questions about the Trinity. Where did it come from, how did you develop it, why does it work, and of course, why isn't everyone doing this? The last one is always nice to hear. We think the answer to the last is related to the clever line that when there is chaos, someone benefits, but that's for another cast.

This cast attempts to answer some of those fundamental questions about the Trinity. Now, we admit that this cast is a bit unusual in that it is not quite as hard hitting as most casts are in terms of actionable recommendations. We present it with the hope that it will help you as a manager explain WHY you are using these tools, and what their origin is. (For those of you familiar with DiSC, this is the explanation and background you can share with your High C directs.)

  1. All Of The Manager Tools Trinity Tools Are Teachable Equivalents
  2. One on Ones: Great Managers Know Their People Exceptionally Well
  3. Feedback: Great Managers Communicate Incessantly About Performance
  4. Coaching: Great Managers Regularly Ask for Improved Performance
  5. Delegation: Great Managers Grow Organizational Capability
  6. How Can I Use This Knowledge?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is the Management Trinity?
  • Why does the Management Trinity exist?
  • How do I use the Management Trinity?

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