It’s that time of year again for year end reviews. I have been asked by my manager once removed to provide feedback on my manager. My manager isn’t the best (also not the worst), and has some areas for improvement. Should I provide honest feedback, or should I provide neutral feedback to avoid any possible conflict?

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There's a cast for that:

360 Reviews - Providing Input (Hall Of Fame Guidance)


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Please present an honest picture. That's what these reviews are for, aren't they? I'm sure you know the following, but I thought I'd just state them nonetheless:

1. Use polite, yet firm, language

2. Avoid antagonizing or pandering

3. Keep it professional

Reviews are also our opportunity to show our managers that we understand the processes they follow, the metrics they rely on, the duties they carry out, and the overall significance of their job. If you do share positive, constructive feedback, you are also likely to be considered for a higher role, given your understanding of the job.