This cast explains how to respond to requests for 360 degree input.

360 reviews are a powerful - and growing - part of the Human Resources toolbox. They help leadership teams find out what managers and other professionals "really" are like based on input from the people most likely to "know" them: their boss, their peers, and their directs (if they have any), and in some cases other related personnel. Why NOT ask the consumers of a manager's behaviors whether or not he is a good manager?

Unfortunately, 360 reviews, as powerful as they are - and done well Manager Tools strongly recommends them - they are fraught with danger. Here's how to navigate them successfully.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I say about my manager in a 360?
  • Can I be truthful in a 360 degree review?
  • Should I lie in a 360 degree review?

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