I received false reporting from my DR. I just verified it today. What is a good way to give feedback for that?

I have a DR that wants to do a project. He is not fully qualified to do it, but I agreed because it is not a high priority and a good training opportunity for him. I asked him to interact with the internal customer, get a needs statement, make a plan and then report to me.

After two weeks, I asked him for a status update. He reported that the customer gave the needs statement and that tech support for the software told him the desired function is not possible. I know that the function is possible because I have done it myself many times throughout my career, so I told the DR I would train/coach him on how to do the function.

Another week passed and I got the same story. I should have given negative feedback then. My bad for missing that opportunity.

Early this week, I asked for a status update again. He told me he would be ready for the aforementioned training for Thursday (Today). I asked him to be sure he had the customer needs statement for the training so it could be more effective. Again, he told me he had it.

Today, we sat down to do the training/coaching and I showed him how to do the software function the customer wants implemented.  When I took a second look at the needs statement, I noticed it was just written 01/09/2012. The statement is also incomplete in terms of what systems and components the software function is needed on.

So, the false reporting is that the needs statement did not exist when my DR said he already had it.

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"Hey, may I share something with you? When you tell me you did an activity and I then see a later date on the paperwork, it makes me think less confident that I can trust your status updates. What can you do differently?"

You could get several outcomes from that:

The nice thing is that if there is a legit explanation, you haven't done anything rash and if it never happens again, you're golden! Hope that helps.