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Hi all, 

Anyone have specific examples or flags to look for to distill when its time to go get a new boss? 

I haven't been able to find a podcast specifically addressing this. Although I seem to remember Mike and Mark joking in a few casts along the lines of "If situation X is happening... then its time to get a new boss!". 

Any thoughts or discussions apprecated,

- Tim 

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The only reasons that I remember from the casts off hand is if your boss asks you to do something unethical or illegal, then you definitely need to leave.


Otherwise if you are in conflict with your boss or are unsatisfied with your job, it would be best to continue to deliver results at your job while you look for other opportunities.

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Why do you want a new boss? Assess if the boss is the problem or maybe it has something to do with your performance. Nonetheless, continue to be positive in your work and be at your best. I'll let you know if I can find a podcast regarding your concern. 

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Have you tried building rapport to your boss to figure out how to work with her?  Ask your boss about her priorities and what she’d like to build out. You can suggest for a meeting to ask these questions.