I am hoping to start a new office job in the next few weeks. I would be remote for the first few months due to COVID. This is a senior level role reporting to the director with a lot of cross-functional interactions with my boss' peers and senior members of their teams. I wouldn't have directs at first, but would probably be recruiting some after the first few months. I'm an introvert and can be mildly socially awkward if I'm not mindful and make an effort. I want to get off on the best possible foot with my new colleagues. Also, it seems that I will be one of the oldest people in the office (almost 50, 10+ years older than the boss).

What casts should I listen to get the best possible start, especially in building workplace relationships?

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I recommend starting with "How to be Effective in Everyday Conversations."  It is some good advice.


Remember to listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to respond.  That will result in better questions.


I also recommend practicing if you can.  I would normally say to go to the mall or the park where the older people are hanging out.  They usually love talking to people, so the stakes and consequences are low for minor awkward slips.  Maybe consider toastmasters in the mean time.  The more you can practice, the easier it gets.

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Hi bdhaas. I just listened to that one and it was good. Thanks for the recommendation. I have a few weeks to practice with my current co-workers before the big day.

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Hi there! How was your work by now? Feeling now confident when it comes to communicating? Let us know if you still need help.