I'm new at a small company with a very independent, yet slightly disorganised scrum dev team.

Should I do O3s?

My role is Product Owner and Team Lead. As often found with these roles it's not a clear managment role and yet I'm "team lead". There are no (bi-)weekly O3s with head of the business above me (well I have it, my team does not). My boss is not 100% convinced on me doing O3s but is ok with me trying it out.

As the new guy I also feel like I can help some of the team, but for others I can't help much yet. I worry they'd see it as a waste of time.

Thanks for your support!

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No problem.  - Then just _don't_ _call_ them O3's - One on Ones.

Start weekly meetings -  there really is much to be gained from regular meetings.

Keep them brief and snappy.

Call them "Weekly Update"

If you no longer need them there is no "loss of face" - no sweat.

Just say that Weekly meetings were no longer needed - and you will do bi-weekly instead.

Good Luck


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Just do your best everyday and meet your deliverables, it is enough for you to tell yourself you doing great!