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Hi Everyone,

A few months ago I started the job transition process.  I've been following the MT guidance on how to handle this transition, and so far it has gone very smoothly.  There are however a few complications that I could use some guidance on:

1. The director that I report to is located out of country (I'm in the US he is in the EU).  This means that when I resign he won't be here in person.  I think I'll have to resign over a phone call (he's not favorable to video chats, or else I would do that).  I know this is not recommended, but I don't see a clear way around it without buying a plane ticket.  

Any ideas on how to professionally handle a "remote resignation" is appreciated.

2. I will receive the written offer for my new job just as my director is leaving for 2 weeks vacation.  I'll either have to contact him on vacation to resign, or wait till he gets back.  If I wait until he returns it will add two weeks to the amount of time I need to tell my new company to wait for me to start.  Requesting 4 weeks to make a professional transition is already stretching them (or at least that's what they say, I suspect it's just their HR wanting to avoid a flight risk).  Given the remote nature of my team, I don't want to cut the 4 weeks short.  But asking for 6 weeks is a stretch.  I haven't asked for 6 weeks yet, but I feel like this is the best option. 

Any thoughts on extending the request to 6 weeks?  Any ideas on how to smooth over the extended transition tie request?



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I did give 6 weeks once, following all the guidance.   I was walked out the same day and wasn't even going to a competitior.   Had to take a few weeks unpaid as well.   As such, be careful.   Since then I tend to offer 3 weeks and have a full transition plan ready to go with the option of going to 4 should i be asked.  

You can accept the new offer.  Start date negotiation generally happens after that.  Let them know your circumstances and tell them you will be giving notice once your director gets back.  Its a reasonable request and I can't see a hiring organization, after all they have to go through to get to the offer stage going sour on the whole thing over an extra week or two.


Hope this helps, I see the post is already 2 weeks old.