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What is the "Drucker Analysis"?

This was mentioned in the Time Managment podcast.

It sounds scary and time consuming. Do I have log my time for a week?


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[quote="jonp"]What is the "Drucker Analysis"?

This was mentioned in the Time Management podcast.

It sounds scary and time consuming. Do I have log my time for a week?


Very briefly - the Drucker Analysis is a time study. Drucker believed that most managers (workers?) spend the majority of their time doing things other than their stated priorities. He was probably correct.

Yes, it sounds scary. Realize that by being curious about it, you're already ahead of 90% of all others. You can jump into the 99.99th percentile by doing the study.

Time consuming - if you don't have an admin to do this for you, it can take time. Don't allow that to be an excuse for not doing it. You do have to log your time for a week. Its annoying, but you should get used to doing what needs to be done, not what is most comfortable for you.


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Thanks Brian.

I listened to the Time Mgt. podcast again. Basically, I need to write down what I'm doing every 10 minutes. I think I do this for a whole week.

I can tell you now I'm now spending enough time on my "real" priorities.


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Exactly right.

And it's absolutely worth it. I did it without an admin twice by setting a billion alarms on my pda. It was... awful.

And I got better FAST.


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Hi guys,

I'd thought it might be useful to share my results after I did the drucker analysis, including the templates and results I used.  I think I did this right following the guidance.  

First off, getting used to recording time took some adjustment, I struggled with actual reporting it for the first couple days (i missed a whole bunch of datapoints), then I did a reset, changed my template and did it again for 2 weeks.

I'm the head of R&D for a small IoT software company (25 ppl, I have 4 directs & 5 skips).  As head of product, I also have a lot of general spillover to sales and marketing activities.  

Once you see the raw data data, you kinda have to face reality.  A couple quick, big conclusions I had right off the bat: I don't get into to work until 9:40ish (I had thought my average was closer to 9:15); although I work later, I realized I don't want to be working later, and that if i get in earlier, starting 30 mins earlier is far more valuable than ending 30 minutes later because I'm fresher and I can work with others more effectively.  Another one, was I jumped between tasks way too often, it was a major factor for my not being able to fill out the timelog entries at the begining.  

Targets are hard to set and very dependent on your situation.  Based on my situation, I need to allocate more time to marketing, so I kind of have an idea that I need to 'steal time'/be more efficient at sales/R&D/misc stuff to allocate more time to marketing initiatives.

Here's links to my raw files:

my timelong template

Analysis of Drucker Time Series Results

Raw Data File 

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I thought there was a recent MT or CT podcast that had a update to the Drucker Analysis. I can't seem to find it. This sounds like a valuable tool that I should try.



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Job Transparency For Development

is the name of the podcast with an updated Drucker Analysis

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What great motivation to do mine. It's been on my list for a while, but I haven't committed to using it. I use RescueTime (, which may ease the admin overhead.

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This came up today as a re-run in the career-tools podcast. Very glad it did. I'll be using my Pomodoro timer (Brain Focus @ 20min) to accomplish this.

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According to Drucker you cannot manage your time unless you record and see how you are using your time. Once you record your time then only you can identify the weak spots and take corrective action.