Looking for guidance in building a better relationship between my boss and some of my reports. Background: My boss is a high D, and we generally get along well (I'm D/C). He is in charge of a handful of managers including me. In the past there have been team members that you can tell he doesn't like - frequently challenging minor statements, criticizing standard requests for vacation, etc. This seems to be happening with 2 of my reports who in my view are solid contributors. I have tried to raise visibility of their contributions by sending a weekly update on the team's tasks listing each person by name, communicating their contributions in annual reviews (which he conducts, along with raise and promotion decisions), but his view seems set and they are losing motivation to connect with him and his goals. Any strategies on appealing to my boss's high value on project success and individual excellence? How can I coach my directs on staying frosty yet building a relationship? [I have since found which is extremely helpful. It helped me see this isn't a problem for me to 'fix'.]

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Hi E-Mgr,

Not sure if you have done this already, but have you given your directs guidance on DISC including your boss's style and perhaps their own?  This would enable them to identify what it is that he needs, and to structure their communications in a way that he values more highly.

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Yes, that is good advice and mirrors what is in the podcast. A good way to stay objective.