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Submitted by elee_22 on


 Hi All,

I am interested to know if there are any enthusiastic managers keen to meet up during  lunch time in the Sydney CBD.

My background is design and construction . Happy to meet people from different fields.

Cheers Eric 

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 Eric, great meet up, thanks for organising. It was great meeting you and Matt. Great conversations and of real benefit. Look forward to catching up again next month. Cheers, Alex

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First meetup went great, thanks to Eric for keeping the communication flowing so that it actually happened.  Would be great to meet more Sydney-based MT people next month!

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 Hi All, 

After our first meeting, we are continuing a once a month lunchtime meeting. Thanks again to Matt and Alex. Had a great time and lots of interesting discussion.

All welcome! Please let us know if you are coming and we'll look out for you.

First Tuesday of every month, so next meeting will be 5th August. Meet at the base of the MLC steps Martin Place at 1pm. 

I have also had some interest from people outside the CBD. Please let me know if you are interested, we will try and arrange a meet up at another suitable time. The interaction, learning from others can be very beneficial and hopefully encouraging.

Look forward to catching up again.



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Hi guys! Are these still happening? Would love to meet up with some people in Sydney.