I have been listening to the Manager and Career Tools podcasts for over a year now. They are phenomenal. I glean useful and usable information every time I listen, but I am looking for some specific guidance or maybe direction towards a specific podcast.

My company (a bank) just announced that it has been acquired by a larger bank. I am the IT Manager and have 3 direct reports. Obviously, I have a lot of questions and my directs are coming to me with a lot of questions. I am looking for any guidance to help me demonstrate good behaviors to both my staff and to the management during this time.

Thank you

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 "There's a cast about that..."


(and I've used them, both sides of the acquisition table).

Good luck.


ETA: "Wrong side"?  Careful there.  Go with "acquired side" - there's opportunity in them thar hills...


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This is why i need to listen to the podcast!

Thank you!