Any Education Managers out there have some advice on implementing O3s in a school (primary, secondary or university)?  If you oversee 25+ teachers, how have you gone about scheduling and conducting O3s?  Do all 25 per week? Do them over two weeks? Only do O3s with the committee chairs and not every teacher?  Were there any unexpected problems that came up?


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BLUF - I have managed up to 14 teachers as directs with weekly o3s. I saved time in my week because most issues wait until the next o3 instead of coming to my "door" at odd times..

With 25+ teachers I recommend one of two options. Schedule 13 every other week OR if you have a vice principal or other leader, divide the teachers into two groups while have deeper o3s with your vice principal. The college / high school model of departments may be an option but only if you are in a setting where the "deans" of each department are willing to take actual leadership and responsibility for o3s. You would need to work very closely with the deans if you followed this model.


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Thanks for the suggestions.  Having some extra time in addition to relationship building would be great!