Im new here... I would like to ask if there's a company that provides prince2 certification??

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i was surfing the net when i crossed this site [url][/url]. try it

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[quote="erikko"]i was surfing the net when i crossed this site [url][/url]. try it[/quote]

Thanks for the post... Ill check it out... Thanks again

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Im new here... I would like to ask if there's a company that provides prince2 certification??[/quote]

Hello, it will depend on your location.

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The PRINCE2 qualification is the property of the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC), and is administered by APMG Ltd. They licence training organisations to deliver courses, and their website has a list of them.

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you can take an exam i think even in your own place using [b]P2 Passport[/b] a web based Prince2 Application

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P2 Passport does not seem to have as good a success rate as live courses for the Practitioner exam, and the exams cannot be taken at your place of work. They are usually taken either at a public exam venue in the UK or by arrangement with the ATO you purchased the course from.

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Thanks for the advice bernie and for correcting my post, i just see p2 passport as an option. Thanks for correcting my post.

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Which level are you looking for, for PRINCE2?  Foundation? Practitioner? Or both?

I did both of them in 3 days with Firebrand. Their PRINCE2 Training is intensive, but its also the quickest apparently. It was worth it. Talk to them - if you plan to study on your own, there's a book called "Managing successful Projects with Prince2" - that's a helpful book.


Hope it helps! :)

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 ...on where you are.  If you go to the search engine of your choice and search for "PRINCE2 2009 training [name of your nearest city]" you will probably get lots of options. 

Typically it's a 5 day course (including homework, typically a couple of hours a night) consisting of 2.5 days training for the Foudation exam then you do the Foundation exam in the afternoon of the third day.  You then,presumiong you pass the Foundation exam,  do 1.5 days Practitioner preparation, usually working through example questions and looking at the answers.  The final afternoon is the practitioner exam.  There are training companies offering shorter courses, if you go with them firstly check that they are offering the full course, not just Foundation, then check their pass rate.  Anything much below 75% at Practitioner level on first attempt be very wary of.



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