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Has anyone read this book? I have one recomendation, but thought I would ask the MT community.


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I'm something of a presentation nut, and this is a great book. Lots of useful advice.


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Any others that you can recommend?

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I love Garr Reynolds' work. Consider staying in regular touch with his work by following his website:

Another suggestion - here's a great online lecture on presenting from Patrick Winston delivered at Harvard Business School..

If you're interested in a cognitive science-based perspective, here's a link to a summary of some work done by Harvard cognitive scientist Stephen M. Kosslyn:

And the whole cognitive science approach was written about really well in a famous essay by Edward Tufte (use the Google: Tufte, PowerPoint).

Finally, one book that I recommend to everybody is called [b]"Working the Room" by Nick Morgan[/b] - subtitled "How to move people to action through audience-centered speaking." I've given copies of this book to members of my team who want to learn how to present better.

Hope you find something that really resonates for you among all these!