I found this reading program today. [url=]Personal MBA Recommended Reading[/url]
Some of the books are on Mark's list.

Has anyone attempted to follow the program?

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Thats funny I was going to make a similar post to this one.

You must follow the Kevin Kelly Cool Tools Blog

That is a great collection of books. I really like that if you click on the category link it takes you to a page that has a quick write up about each book.

Great resource.

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I have been following Josh Kaufman and the PMBA for a couple years (think it was Godin's Blog who lead me there). I also took Josh up on his offer for one of his coaching sessions (over the phone) . I found him to be very personable and had a lot of thoughts about some areas of improvement. He has several new projects on the horizon as well. Being pod cast enthusiasts you can check out his interview with "The Cranky Middle Manager" at

There was a prior thread on MT as well....

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Haven't exactly followed the program but I have read about 1/3 of the books. I can second every one I've read that is also on the list so I can only assume that the rest are just as valuable to read (I'll get to em).

Josh is a great guy, been following this for some time as well, so I'd definitely second the recommendation for his superb reading list.