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Had a great time in San Antonio. Do you guys have any experience/knowledge about Dave's EntreLeadership course?


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Hey Rob,
I know the question was posed to Mark or Mike, but I have been to EntreLeadership and I figured you wouldnt mind first hand experience.

Being from a non-corporate background and being the only business conference ive been to, the EntreLeadership program was a great immersion in a unique style of management.
Dave uses in his company many of the things that Mark and Mike talk about. But with a few twists. The program is kind of balanced between theory and practical. I think the theory taught is designed to give more indepth information to what he has done.
The program is really based on what he actively does to Manage his team of 200 people, and his teams insights into it as well.
It is well worth the time and expense.
I hope this helps, if you have any specific questions, PM me.
As a side note, im sending 3 team members to it in April. And i think one of my partners and i are going to Manager Tools in Chicago.