I missed the first two US conferences due to existing conflicts. Want to bring colleagues to next US 2008 conference. Don't keep us waiting to long...when/where will the next one be? Chicago, Minneapolis, Jacksonville-FL, or Phoenix would be good least for ME! :)

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Ditto... I am preparing my personal development plan for next year and would love to attend the Chicago conference (as announced in the year in review podcast). While I would love to know the month, I guess I could get by with an estimated cost for my budget. Thanks

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I seem to recall they were shooting for May or thereabouts for the Chicago conference.

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I had not heard about a Chicago conference yet. I'm all for it.

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If I recall, Chicago is scheduled to be in March.

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March folks .... we hope to finalize the deal with the hotel/conference center shortly. Stay tuned! :-)


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I'm waiting with great anticipation for details regarding the Chicago conference in March. I will immediately take it in to my manager for approval.



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I'm thrilled to hear that there will be a conference in NYC in May.

Here's a situation where the I's, the C's, the D's and the S's all want the details!


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Do you have tentative time line for USA conference in 2008. This could help to explore possibly participating in the conference if we are making business trip to the USA from this part of the world.

I heard in podcast that around March 24th is Chicago. Then there are one in St. Antonio, New York, San Francisco Right?. Was it 4 or 5 in the USA in 2008.


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Yes - any further word on future 08' conference dates would be greatly appreciated! I have "budgeted" my Manager Tools Conference with the company I work for into this year - but it has to be post-April for the books.



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I would really appreciate a calendar or a list on a single page on the MT website with whatever information is already known on the upcoming conferences. While the slot for Chicago might have the date, hotel, etc. on it, the one for Sydney might just have November 2008 and the dates being considered. San Antonio might have June-July next to it. This way I can go to a single page for the most up-to-date information rather than trying to keep track of multiple threads. The location of each conference might link to a specific thread where people can discuss that specific conference.

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Thanks all for the suggestions! I completely understand the need and I worry about presenting the *tentative* dates in a way that accurately communicates the status of the conference. Up to now, we have been VERY uncomfortable with announcing anything until we have the venues locked down.

We'll figure out a way to communicate future dates and locations in a way with which we're comfortable. Please be patient with us.


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My boss turned down my request to go to the Chicago conference... :cry:

He said he's sure it would be valuable and helpful but this year those kind of requests are not going through... the company hasn't been in a good enough cash flow position.

That should change soon now that our new 767 is flying revenue flights and we aren't spending money on starting it up any more. But it's not changed yet, I guess. (We DID just start flying it this past weekend! and startup is insanely expensive!)

I said "Maybe next year," my boss said "Or maybe later in 2008." I should look at the schedule to see if there's one in a city we fly to.

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It sounds like he's looking to make it happen for you, which is fabulous! Here's to hopes MT will be appearing in a location near your flight destinations!

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I recently came across the Manager Tools podcast and have been trying to catch up. The content is excellent! :D

The conference sounds great but I already booked a week long software development management conference in June, and I cannot squeeze in the NJ event in May.

[b]Does anyone know if there will there be any more Effective Manager conferences in the US in 2008?[/b]


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The next conference will be in San Francisco in July ... dates to be announced shortly.

Hope to see you there!


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Mike -

Thank you for the reply - I hope to see you there also. In case THAT month doesn't work also (sigh) are there any plans for one more in the Fall 2008 time frame?


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I'm keeping tabs for the schedule following San Francisco as well ... at least some of the managers from my company are going to be blown away by what I come back with from the NY conference in May ... but the next city you go to is likely to be easier (cheaper) for us to get to than SF.