First of all, has there been a cast on quarterly reviews that I've missed?

If not, I'd love to get some feedback from someone that does them today and has seen good success from them. I want to implement them, but have questions about what to cover, how formal to make it, whether to have them do a self-appraisal, etc.

Any feedback or lessons learned is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I think you'd want to visit the annual review series. It discusses a quarterly review as part of the process. I haven't yet implemented this, but hope to this month.

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I just finished my first MT directed Quarterly Review.

It is highly recommended.


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I've been struggling with the Quarterly review concept.

I'm slow at writing reviews to begin with. How long does it take you to write one? I probably average 4 hours each. 4 hours x 10 directs = 1 week.

While I believe that they will save me time in the long run, my boss is pretty lukewarm to the idea. I'm not sure I can justify the time spent. For some reason, spending 4x as long in January is more palatable... :?


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Hi Rich

While I currently don't have any directs, when I did, I just did notes freehand which was totally ineffective. Now, unless I have some HRIS system in my next position, I think I will just make an excel workbook for each direct.

I would set up numerous worksheets and link the text as appropriate. For example, sheet one would have the job description and desired performance outcomes. Sheet two would be labelled Q1 CI (Critical incidents), sheet three would be Q1 O3s, Sheet 4 is Q1 Results, then sheets as you desire.. development, Reviews, Year End etc.

On paper (or digital paper anyhow), it puts all your info on one place, lots you can link or cut and paste, and then consolidate into a nice review, which should take way less than four hours per.


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Wow. Sorry I wasn't clear.

A quarterly review is just a shortened annual review. You use the form you would at year's end. You do a prep like the annual, but without a core message, and do the same prep otherwise. I do recommend asking for the direct's input...but some don't, and it goes fine. Smart directs figure out it helps to do so.