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First, thank you all so much for the kind remarks on the conference. Mark and I are absolutely thrilled that you had fun ... and learned something at the conference. Even more exciting is that many of you are busily APPLYING what you learned at the conference. Well done!

Second, as promised, we have created a new conference-attendee-only forum. If you don't see it at the bottom of the forum list (titled appropriately, "Special Effective Manager Conference Forum"), please send me an email or drop a comment on this thread and I'll add you to the forum list.

Please feel free to use the forum as the special place it is -- a forum limited to the special friends we all made during the conference. I'm hoping that the special trust we all enjoy enables the discussion of those tricky topics we'd frankly not want to carry on in the broader public. Regardless, it's for you ... do with it what you will!

Thanks again, everyone!

best regards,

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Thanks Mike. Excellent idea. I *really* want to keep in touch with the people I spent a lot of time with and get to know those I didn't have time to meet. It's a great comfort knowing there is a safe place to share with the other 99 people that which we don't want to air in public.

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Thanks! I know I often have some questions that I don't feel totally comfortable posting in a general public forum. Also, a great way to keep communication open with the other attendees.