Hey Guys,

I listend to the pod cast on presentation recently. It is just too good. I am implementing those in ideas in my presentation.

I have the following question for you.

Today I attended a presentation which had a lot of slides. But what I really liked about the presentation was - most of the slides were snapshot of the webpage or a particular feature which they want to highlight. The only way they can show it users is to run a live demo. (But setting up a live demo is not trivial), So give me your feedbacks on including snapshots in the presentation - * although, it will increase the number of slides *

Sundar Rajan G S

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I generally like the idea, but give me more some more data. How many more slides? Are you saying that they WOULD have done a demo/live, but just used photos instead?


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Thanks for the reply mark!

You got it right. They showed photos instead of running a live demo. They had 8 - 10 extra slides they were just pictures of different situations.

For example, If I had to give a presentation on how to use this forum,

I can *really* login to the forum, show what the various sections are, do an example posts, reply to a post etc.

Or, I can just show a photo of how the login screen is, Put a photo a various sections, show a photo of a post and highlight the replypost button (which indicates on clicking that i can reply to a post etc)

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Yes, under those circumstances, more slides can be significantly better, and the rule can be moot.