This book was written by a group called the Arbinger group here in good 'ole Utah.

The premise of the book is that we can all view people in two ways. As objects or people. When we see people as objects we tend to see them as things that help get stuff done. When we view people as people we see them as individuals with beliefs, passions, personality and so forth. It goes deeper than just simple X/Y theory by going to the root of the theory. Why do you see the world as X or Y -- people as objects or people.

I would like some feedback from any of you who have read it. Specifically on the business world efficacy of the whole theory.

Pick it up. It's a good and fast read.[/u]

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I'm using this book for a Master's level class I am taking. The course is called "Conflict Resolution in the Workplace". I found it a quick and easy read with a lot of practical application. One of our assignments for the course was to analyze the book in light of our current work environment and how we could apply the principles in a work conflict situation.

Good book to borrow or check out from the library, not one that I would pay full retail for.... and I used to own a bookstore!

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Unfortunately I bought this book on CD. I do a ton of driving and have found I can crush book after book in CD form.

Hey the premises was good and I enjoyed the story……..hard to implement