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Hi all

Just in case you don't yet know your disc profile.. here's another diagnostic tool:


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HA! A great one. We include, when we work with corporate clients, a "Sometimes we're all funny" sheet, which pokes fun at the various foibles of different profiles.

I think one is, when wallpapering a house, the High D says, "Come over and wallpaper my living room. Bring the supplies. I'll be busy elsewhere."



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Did you know there's a blog devoted to Disc? Here's a post devoted to Disc humor (not quite knee slapping, but still...)

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[quote="GlennR"]Did you know there's a blog devoted to Disc? Here's a post devoted to Disc humor (not quite knee slapping, but still...)[/quote]

As a High I, I am offended by this remark: "i has the paper and paste in the closet. It's on the to do list. Never gets around to doing it."

Offended because I think the operator of that blog has been spying on me... that is totally me! :roll:

Thanks for sharing the link. :D

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Hey Guys,
I had a question about purchasing the Disc profiles.
If I want to administer this profile to all of my directs, would I need to repurchase it for each person?
I believe Vince Lombardi said self awareness is key to successful leadership.
Thanks for the help.

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I believe you have to purchase a separate key for each profile to be completed. You may try sending a PM to Mike and/or Mark; I know others have asked similar questions about providing DISC to multiple users.

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Thanks Julia,
It seems like it would be a good tool to use. I have taken similar profiles and actually found some things to be very much NOT like me. I am really curios to see the results and pass along to the team.

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Julia is correct; you will need to purchase an "access code" for each person who wishes to take the DISC Profile. If you order multiple DISCs from the order page (, you will be sent a separate email with a unique access code for each DISC profile purchased. You would then distribute these to your folks.

Please do let me know if you have any more questions!