This is my first post on the forum. Been listening (on and off) to the MT podcasts for about 3 months now. I am a VP of Business Development for a commercial snow removal company with branches in St. Louis, Omaha and Minneapoils. Our HQ is Kansas City. This year we have about 20 full time employees and another 20 or so seasonal part time.

All the actual snow removal is done through subcontractors so when it snows we are managing over 600 people companywide. It's a fun niche business and we are growing very rapidly so I'm looking for tools to increase my effectiveness and to share with our other managers.

I am married and have 5 kids, so my schedule is always full. Looking forward to getting to know the rest of the members in the MT community.

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Welcome Todd: happy to see so many different 'business fields' in MT: a lot of value!!!

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Welcome aboard Todd! Sounds like a fascinating business, and surely that's nothing compared to the joy of 5 kids.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow.


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Hey welcome aboard. I have a family friend with a snow removal business in Denver, what do you do in the summer time? How about integrating lawn care?

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Welcome to the MT forums, Todd. I love the KC area and don't get there nearly enough.

Go Chiefs!