Hi Mark,

I am interested in tests to place people in DISC. As this model was introduced in 1928 you can imagine that there are many many options out there. I have seen costs range from free to over $1000 for DISC kits.

Can you recommend a profile test that is free and effective (aside from my own hunches)?



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Mike I recently participated in two DISC assessments. The first one was free, brief and the result was fair and generally accurate.

The second assessment was provided by my employer, at considerable cost, however it included a means to skew the results to correct for cultural differences.

For example, a high D in the US is probably a lot stronger than a high D in Australia. A Japanese manager that scored as a high D may score as a low-mid D when compared with US counterparts.

Please forgive me if I am regurgitating the DISC podcast, I can't recall if I heard this in the podcast or a colleague shared it with me.


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I am also interested to find out if there are any free tests, however abbreviated they may be to determine what personality traits I have on my team and which ones I need to look for in my new hires.

That said, I wonder what other personality profiles Mike and Mark have considered and why the disc model won out over them. Personally, I have found each one to be enlightening about myself and those working around me.

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fyi ... you can now take the DISC Profile online through Manager Tools. You can purchase in your [url=]Member Profile[/url] page.