I recently choice to step out of management (after only 8 months, but what an 8 months!) and into a technical sales support role - what my company calls a systems architect. I see it as a growth opportunity and a "resume-padder" - and my mgmt chain and mentors agree it is a good move. My intention is get client-facing experience and more technical and business knowledge across more of my company's brands, then bring that back to a management roles - and eventually an executive role!

The main point of my post is to ask the MT community if anyone knows of a podcast for sales and sales support personnel -- more specifically technical sales support.

There are plenty of sales podcasts out there but they all seem to be for used car salesmen and Amway people. Full of bluster, platitudes, simple-minded advice, etc.

I hope to find a podcast that will help me in my new career/path that is at the level of MT.

I find MT to be extremely listenable. Many podcasts lose my attention even if I am listening to them during my commute. MT is engaging and, dare I say, riveting.

I doubt I'll find something as good but I know the smart people that read this forum will point me in the right direction.

Maurice del Prado
Dublin, CA

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How about the SalesRoundup Podcast? It's aimed at precisely that, sales in a long-cycle, high tech setting. The guys doing the cast are pretty... well, sales-y. But they give decent advice and have great guests- including our dear Mr. Horstman, if I remember correctly.


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Thank you for the response.

I had found that podcast as it was billed as being for technical sales professionals.

I listened to one podcast and it was quite "sales-y". I'll give them another listen.

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Let me preface by saying that I am not a sales guy (CPA by training) but recently have been dipping my toe in the sales pool (part of my grand plan to take over the company). Have found a couple of interesting (not sure how applicable) sites.

Doug Hall of American Inventor Fame (or infamy..) has a couple of feeds. They are are sales and marketing related (short 2 minute sales ideas) (longer radio show on public radio)

I also have found Jeffrey Gitomer (Little Red Book of Sales) a pretty interesting read (little over the top). He has a free email newsletter.

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Thank you for the response. I'll check those sites out and give feedback here.