Hi Mark,

I studied electrical engineering at a Canadian university leaving during the third of a four year program.
I feel that this level of education, even though incomplete is a significant educational accomplishment and implies a great deal about my skills and talents. I have previously included it but recently been told it is seen as a "red flag" to prospective employers/recruiters.

Keep in mind "university" and "College" are two very different things here in Canada. (Universities being degree granting institutions, with Bachelor, Masters, doctorates generally 4+ years, and Colleges are diploma granting institutions which offer technical based education in the 1, 2 or 3 year range.)

After leaving university, I attended and graduated from a college with a diploma in electronics engineering technology. Of course, this I would include in my resume.

What are your thoughts? Include the incomplete university degree or not?

If included, how to tactfully indicate incomplete without looking like
A) You're trying to pull a fast one, or
B) It is irrelevant

Thank you,

p.s. in my case this was 15 years ago. but others may find this relevant.
p.p.s. I already thanked you in my email, but I'll repeat it here: Thanks for sharing the incredibly valuable information that is "manager-tools".

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YOu could go either way. It's long enough ago, it's not that big of a deal.

If you choose to include it, just put it below the diploma as a second line of education, indicating "only 2.5 years completed", or something like that.