my name is Piergiorgio, I live in Italy, I'm 39.

I'm in the IT space since the beginning: I started as a software developer and then moved to lead software developers.

Now I'm operating manager for the IT dept of Ferrari F1 racing team.

I love management topics with a special interest in the agile world (eXtreme Programming, agile management, SCRUM, TOC ...).

I have a beautiful wife and a BEAUTIFUL litle boy (he is almost 2 years old).

I've just lost 5 years of my life watching the world cup final: ITALY - FRANCE :)


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Congrats on the World Cup victory. It was very exciting!

Glad to have you as part of the MT community.

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Hello Pier.

Congratulations on the awesome World Cup win!

Besides a Wolrd Cup victory I thought your country would also have a winner at the Tour de France this year until Basso was removed.

Ferrari? I couldn't help but notice Schumacher had a role in the movie, "Cars". I wonder how many Americans caught the reference and even know who he is. I must admit that I know very little about F1 but I know who Schumacher is.

Well, I have truly enjoyed reading your posts over the last several months, they have added a great dimension to this board.

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Ciao PierG,

I suspected that being in Maranello you would have had some connection to Ferarri but when Michael posted a response including a request for a tour, that almost settled it for me without actually seeing the words on the page!

I know most of the talk centers around the World Cup and congrats are certainly in order but I've been a huge fan of F1 for quite some time and find the accomplishments of the Ferarri team quite remarkable. And next year it looks like you'll have the second best driver on the team as well.

Your contribution is very much appreciated.

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who knows ... may be we'll have another italian team winning something: Renault is not so far!



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Thanks for posting the bio and letting us get to know you a little better. In future lives, I hope to play shortstop for the LA Dodgers, two man beach volleyball (okay, I've done that), and work around Ferraris all the time.

You were one of our first members - thanks for sticking with us, and for being such a great contributor. I enjoy your blog as well.

It's a privilege to be associated with you.



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I think Renault has a chance but I must admit to having always cheering for McLaren just to see Kimi take a podium spot. I think he has the greatest potential to put up a challenge to Schumacher but if they're on the same team he could end up in a perpetual second a la Barichello.

Are you travelling to each of the races or do you stay put in Italy and work over a network?