I've just posted somethign on my blog and I want to share with you to get your feedbak. Here is the post:
I've just read the book Never Eat ALone from Keith Ferrazzi: I've found it VERY interesting.

I've got MANY good tips and tricks AND reinforced a mind set toward building a decent network.

Living in Italy I see that NOT everything is ok for our life style AND some parts are a bit too 'high level'.

To tell the truth I must say that I have to oblidge myself to 'use' to this network idea: I see the value, I'm usually fine in linking with people BUT I fee like 'using' people for my pourpose.



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I'll also post to your blog, but here you go: Keith's book is good. Full of interesting things to do. Some of it is a little over the top for me, but still, I recommend it regularly. I can see where it might be culturally not a fit for Italy.

You are SO RIGHT in worrying about "USING" people. DO NOT.

Our next cast is about this very topic, and we address the "using" issue. Rule #2 is give, give, give.

If you want another book that may be more in line with your style, try "Love is the Killer App" by Tim Sanders. You'll like his approach more, I think. I did.



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I have to tell you that I bought the "Never Eat Alone" book AND got the CD set from the library (oddly, at the same time). And at the same time, listened to the most recent podcast on Building your Network. WOW! I could identify with the podcast so much more than the New Eat Alone book/Cd. Never Eat Alone was over the top for me for the most part...and my job is all about networking with people.

I have read the Killer APP and it's great...i'd recommend that before I'd recommend Never Eat Alone. Tim Sanders has a very human, non-calculating way about connecting with others. Love that book. Try it out.

Re: the Mike/Mark podcast this week:
I like the Give, Give, Give concept.
I like the Stay in Touch concept although the ctrl shift K part is too tough for me to manage at this point. I think I have hit the critical mass in terms of emails/phone calls/ laptop/palm/daytimer and cell, to add tasks at this point would send me over the top.
I esp. like the "do not discriminate" part in re: to building your network. I particularly detest people who are full of themselves and discriminate re: others and their status in life.

Have a great weekend...Pat

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Sounds like we agree! I built the concepts in the cast based on my distase for the techniques of all the power networkers... it just seemed over the top to me. tha siad, Keith does say that it IS about sharing, and not witholding.

Nevertheless, glad we're on the right track.

It's a privilege to serve you,